Ear Lobe Rejuvenation to Erase the Signs of Aging

As we age, the collagen and elastin naturally begin to dissipate over time, the effect is that our skin starts to dry out, sag, thin and wrinkle. Without sufficient collagen and elastic, the skin is unable to maintain proper elasticity & for that, the ear lobe look older due to losing of volume which appear as thinning and elongation of the earlobe. This problem is amplified for women who wear heavy earrings. The loss of skin collagen appears as deep and fine ear lobe skin wrinkling.

 Revolumization of the ear lobule will restore the anatomical structure and support. In non-pierced ear lobes, the crease that is formed from the volume loss may be corrected with fat grafting. In a pierced earlobe, the fat grafting will restore the support structure to allow for earrings to sit better and for the earlobe, not to appear long and stretched.

It is a simple procedure doing it by inserting a fine cannula through the skin puncture site and the fat is injected into the earlobe to fill the creased area and around the pierced opening. On average, the ear lobes can be filled adequately with 1-3 cc of fat on each side. The earlobe will swell and become tight. After swelling subside, the shape can show significant improvement in the shape of ear lobe and helps to make an earring hole smaller if it has become stretched with time. The quality of skin keeps improving over coming months. Adding stem cells to injected fat (cell-enriched Lipotransfer) will assure the highest quality of fat transfer as it is increase fat survival and decrease the sensitivity of survived fat to weight changes plus the added adipose derived stem cells to skin itself of ear lobes will improve the elasticity collagen quality of the skin and help to decrease the wrinkling over the coming months and delay process of aging of ear lobes. Injection of fat can restore the volume and plump up aging lobes. CO2 laser resurfacing can be used as an adjuvant therapy, it smooth wrinkled lobes and remove the aging spots.


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