Why Should I Choose a Female Plastic Surgeon?


Although 92% of all cosmetic procedures are performed on women, the vast majority of plastic surgeons are men. A 2016 Study by the American Society of Plastic Surgery shows that only 14% of plastic surgeons are women though 46 % of medical school students being women.

Why women pick a woman cosmetic surgeon?

Many of female patients disclose that they prefer a female surgeon as they can speak freely and share more of their concerns.

Some women do prefer a male doctor, there are many men who are great surgeons but, when a woman is picking a cosmetic plastic surgeon, she does need someone who she is comfortable with. It is easier for her to be honest with another woman. A female plastic surgeon better understands other women concerns, care about the emotional part of their physical problem because all women have faced many of the same concerns (issues with body shape & confidence, understand what it’s like to see your body and face changing with aging & you still want to look as good as you feel, knowing the changes of your body after babies is out of mother hands). Those worries most women know it well as they all share it. All that help the female plastic & cosmetic surgeon to listen empathetically, and carefully guide her patients to a

a decision that is right for them.

Some women do prefer female plastic surgeons for other reason; knowing they won’t overdo it, as with breast augmentation or overly stylized facial results. Dr. Jane Petro, a professor of plastic surgery at New York Medical College in Valhalla, N.Y., is the one who explain why many more men than women are drawn to the field of cosmetic surgery, he called it the “Pygmalion angle” (myth of Pygmalion, the king who in Greek legend sculptured a statue of his ideal woman, which is then came gratifyingly to life and became his wife), he think this can explain why a number of plastic surgeons in the united states their second wife was once their patient. 

A man can study the woman’s body forever, he can never really understand how a woman input together, mentally, emotionally & physically.



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